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I want to express my gratitude to Liz for facilitating such a powerful reading group which allowed the themes within the book to come alive and evoke within me and hope all the cohort a real sense of unshakeable purpose to really actively do the work of antiracism.


Listening to the experiences of people of colour is considerably different than reading the theory and listening to other white people talk about their prejudices and preconceptions. 

Liz was a fantastic guide in this process and I think she made all of the discussions considerably more useful and more rewarding. I would highly recommend this discussion group for any white person who care about anti-racist work.


I personally coin Liz as the Black British Jane Elliott of our time! There are few people who have the ability to lead and create safe spaces in which to allow BIPOC (read the book) and white people to challenge and explore the huge topic of white supremacy and how it manifests within our everyday lives.

Liz is one such person. 

I therefore urge everyone to sign up now, uncover your prejudices, use your voice and do the work to positively change the world.

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