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For Your Organsation

  • Our Formula:
    Language + Candour = A Resilient Workforce

  • We embed anti-racist education and practices across organisational structures

  •  We provide and facilitate safe and collaborative spaces to discuss the sensitive topic of race 

  • We prioritise the wellbeing of your workforce

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  • Prominent Anti-Racist literature used to centre and focus learning
  • Reflective and introspective group sessions. 
  • Wellbeing segments are integrated into training sessions
  • Training packages can be tailor made for your organisation
  • We have a specially designed corporate 7 day anti-racist package. The toolkit is to support your workforce in their thinking and reflection of how they can be more anti-racist. Please do get in touch for further information. 
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  • Assist your organisation to better understand the impact of its diversity initiatives and support your diversity & inclusion goals
  • Review your existing recruitment strategy to identify where bias may exist
  • Provide Diversity and Inclusion recruitment  panel representation 
  • Provide support to your organisation to increase it's workforce diversity 
  • Provide Mentoring services to senior leadership team to become effective allies
  • Design and administer grant schemes specifically for underrepresented members of your workforce
  • Contact us for your free consultation


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