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Black on Black: The Experiences of Black Social Workers working with Black Families. 



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For many organsations fixing the issue of instituational racism is simple- just hire black workers to work with black clients.


This Research piece highlights the often complex role that 'blackness' plays in the professional lives of social workers. As well as the issue of internalised racisim and it's projection on black families. 


Though written in 2012, the issues of race are still pertinent to this day. Therefore knowledge in this eBook can be applied to any setting.


This reserach piece makes references to other academic text for those who wish to complete further research on anti racism.


Includes first hand accounts from black social workers.




'I have had a white colleague who has gone in to do a court report on a black family. He didn't understand the dynamics of how black families can refer to one and another as my sister when they are not blood relatives....he thought these people are lying....he failed to see the culture differences. I was able to be more of a help to him'


' preparation, no understanding about making ends meet. They have no concept at all. It’s all about appearance. It’s all about looking trendy. It’s all about having the right materialistic things. A lot of black people today don't have a good awareness of their cultural identity therefore unable to raise their children in that likeness...their basic meals come out of Iceland. It is unheard of for most of us'.




eBook: Black on Black by Elizabeth Folarin

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