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Starting your anti racist journey but not sure where to begin?


Loosing steam and/or focus on your anti-racist goals?


Looking for an anti racist tool to support a member of your network with their journey?


The 7 Day Anti Racist Self Assessment Toolkit is just for you!

The Toolkit combines coaching theory and journalling excercises to help create goals that will keep you focused for years to come!


A specially devisied assessment tool to chart where you currently are on your anti racist journey.

Goal setting and journaling excercises to help identify your anti-racist goals.

A self compassion tool.


THE BIPOC BOOKCASE PRESENTS: The 7 Day Anti-Racist Self Assessment Toolkit


  • Packed with goal setting, journalling and deep introspective excercises. 

Purchase the 7 Day self assessment toolkit and gain access to a discounted coaching session.
Designed to support you with your goals. 


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