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BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

We consider this terminology to be more inclusive.

We are an organisation that believes in the power of books to educate and empower communities and organisations. 

 We do so by training and advising organisations in their mission to achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce

We believe it is important for the voices and experiences of the BIPOC community to be amplified via collaborative allyship

and the use of our engaged and international book club community. 

Library Study Group

Meet Liz, The Founder 



Thank you for checking out my site.

My passions are social change, education, the art of conversation and of course books!


This is reflected by my decade long career as a children & adult social worker and my mentoring roles. I teach anti-racist theory and practice as a visiting lecturer.

I specialise in systemic group theory and organisational change within the diversity and inclusion sector. 

I want to help you and your organisation achieve your vision for a diverse and resilient workforce. 

Get in touch via the contact page and let's start the path to progressive change. 

'We are more alike than we are unlike' Maya Angelou

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